Cyber Security — I am very interested in entering the Cyber Security field.  As a long-time military intelligence specialist and analyst, I am particularly well-suited to Threat Intelligence and the use of Social Engineering in hacking.  Additionally, I would like to learn more about Pentesting.

Social Media — I am fluent in emerging and social media.  I’ve been using computers extensively since the late 1970s and have been online since the late 80s.  Sure, there are a thousand other people out there offering the same thing… but can they get you into markets where English is not the native language?  出来ないと思いますが。(That’s Japanese for “I don’t think so.”)

Don’t just get on Twitter or Facebook.  Use the tools.  Customize them.  Bind them together.  Synergy across the spectrum of media is the key.

— Twitter
— Instagram
— YouTube
— Facebook
— MySpace (just kidding)
— Podcasting
— Blogging
— WordPress

Web Development — I am available for website development, using a variety of technologies from HTML/CSS, PHP, Flash, etc.  As mentioned above, I can also set up and customize the WordPress publishing platform to suit your needs.

General IT — If it uses electricity and a hard drive, I’ve probably broken and fixed it. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology, which has given me a very broad base in many aspects of modern technology.