About Michael

me_suitMichael Hacker, a native of Carroll, Iowa, has lived in Texas, California, Japan, Korea, New York City, the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area, and currently resides in Chandler, Arizona.

Michael, a United States Air Force veteran, graduate of the Defense Language Institute-Foreign Language Center, and trained Interrogator/Debriefer, has found himself in the employ of such federal agencies as the National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, and Federal Bureau of Investigation, working as a linguist and analyst in the SIGINT, OSINT, and HUMINT fields.  Since leaving federal service, he has worked primarily in technology and as a university teacher.

A trained linguist, Michael has worked as a professional translator & interpreter from both Russian and Japanese to English.  He has also studied French, Mandarin Chinese, German, and a smattering of other languages.  Michael earned an MA in Applied Linguistics from Arizona State University where he currently teaches university-level English and teaching methods to international students from all over the world.

In addition to his linguistic proclivities, Michael enjoys a number of hobbies including playing guitar,  writing music, and training in martial arts.  He has been involved in Japanese martial arts for over 25 years and currently teaches Jiyushin-ryu Aikibudo at the Renshinkan in Mesa, Arizona.